The division that centralizes all final fractions / products, dividing into two areas:

1st: final products from the recycling process that return to the base of the value chain (commodities).

2nd: of products that, after separation and recycling, take the form of a product with another application. These new products, based on recycled materials, result from our R&D process.

The materials are packed in their own packaging, divided into batches with identification and accompanied by all legally required documentation. Chemical composition analyzes are also carried out.


  • Fragmented iron
  • Pressed Iron
  • Copper, Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Granulated or piece brass



  • Printed Circuits (fragmented by imposition of destruction)
  • Compressors and Engines
  • Power Supplies
  • Image Diffusers
  • Batteries and Accumulators
  • Liquid Crystals and Condensers
  • Cooling Oil
  • PUR
  • CFC or Pentane gas (bottled)
  • Halon
  • Card
  • Lamps
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Others

Supply capacity in full or partial load according to the customer’s needs.

Total guarantee of quality, because we bet on the relationship of seriousness, rigor and trust.

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