Meeting the needs of the market, Interecycling, S.A. has a division specialized in developing logistical solutions for each client. Through Intlogistic, various solutions in the logistics chain are made available to customers who send WEEE’s to Interecycling. Always taking into account the individual needs of each one.

Thus, with Intlogistic we provide our customers with solutions for the collection, transport and temporary storage of WEEE’s. Always under the supervision of a specialized team, able to provide all the necessary technical and logistical support, guaranteeing all the correct procedures in the forwarding of this equipment, signed with our recycling statements, for legal purposes.

It is possible to take advantage of these excellent services, all it takes is a call to request our intervention.

Division that brings together internal competences composed of three areas:

Selection and accreditation of general suppliers, centralizing the purchasing process and central warehouse management of consumables, parts and maintenance of machines and equipment allocated to all operational divisions;
Management and internal organization of products and their stocks;
Organization and preparation of transport, both in the collection and dispatch of cargo to their destinations.