Integral Solutions

The organic divisions conceived arise from the clear need for vertical solutions in industries related to the Environment. Only in this way is greater competitiveness achieved, guaranteeing excellent performance and environmental quality. No artificiality, corresponding to a clear transparency regarding the environmental declaration issued by us.

Integral solutions thus emerges as a response to an emerging organizational need for Interecycling S.A., which, by its nature, which is comprehensive in terms of the treatment of WEEE, is structured in such a way as to take over all operational specialty centers.

We believe that, having been the first company in the sector in the Iberian peninsula, by itself, it does not grant us status, it is rather a reference factor that drives us to continue this pioneering spirit with challenges and future innovations. It is for all this that we work every day, always “taking care of the future”.

As divisões orgânicas concebidas surgem da manifesta necessidade de, nas indústrias relacionadas com o Ambiente, se imporem soluções verticais. Só deste modo é conseguida uma maior competitividade, garantia de performance de excelência e qualidade ambiental. Sem artificialidades, correspondendo a uma clara transparência no que toca à declaração ambiental por nós emitida.

A integral solutions surge assim como resposta a uma necessidade emergente de organização da Interecycling S.A., que, pela sua natureza, abrangente em termos de tratamento de REEE, se estrutura de modo a assumir, todos os centros de especialidades operacionais.

Acreditamos que, termos sido a 1ª empresa do sector na península ibérica, por si só, não nos concede um estatuto, é antes um factor de referência que nos impulsiona a continuar esse pioneirismo com desafios e inovações futuras. É por tudo isto que trabalhamos todos os dias, sempre “cuidando do futuro”.

Division specializing in polymers. After separation and identification, either at the recycling center or at the dismantling center, they are sent to Intpolymers.
Here they proceed for the selection and final cleaning of unwanted elements for their reuse, such as small metals, textile alloys , other contaminating plastics.

The division that centralizes all final fractions / products, dividing into two areas:
1st: of final products from the recycling process that return to the base of the value chain (commodities).
2nd: of products that , after separation and recycling, take the form of a product with another application. These new products, based on recycled materials, result from our R&D process.

Division specialized in glass from WEEE. After separation and decontamination, either at the recycling center or at the dismantling center, these are sent to Intglass for decontamination and final cleaning.
This process eliminates elements that make it impossible to reuse, such as: small metals, textile alloys, plastics, iron oxide films, aluminum or lead.

Meeting the needs of the market, Interecycling, S.A. has a division specialized in the development of logistical solutions for each client. Through Intlogistic, various solutions in the logistics chain are made available to customers who send WEEE's to Interecycling. Always taking into account the individual needs of each one.

Esta divisão da Interecycling é onde se reúnem as competências de relações públicas, a componente social interna, o centro de contratação e formação dos colaboradores. As formalidades e a aplicação das disposições legais, ambientais e certificações.