Meet Interecycling

Pioneers in recycling WEEE since 2000


Founded in 2000, Interecycling was the first company to Recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE’s) in the Iberian Peninsula. Interecycling is prepared to recycle 5 of the 6 categories of WEEE, according to Decree-Law no. 152-D / 2017.

Interecycling operates with high standards of quality, service and innovation, contributing to a better environment and a sustained development, through the correct recycling of WEEE’s and resulting fractions. We have only one commitment: to guarantee to the Environment and to consumers that the best is truly being done, by the best practices available with total protection of the environment and generating resources and national wealth.

A more sustainable future, begins every day, at every moment, in every gesture, thus materializing for us and for future generations. Collaborate with us, deliver your old appliance to authorized operators.

Integral Solutions


We present ourselves as an integrated solution of services, logistics, products and consultancy, to achieve our mission. We are a Reception Center, Dismantling Center and WEEE Recycling Center. In the various divisions of the company and with the recycling lines we have. Using the best technology and in line with the best global practices, we are prepared to treat this type of waste in strict respect for the environment. Neutralizing its hazardous components and returning the various materials that compose them to the environment.


Reciclagem de Resíduos de Equipamentos Eléctricos e Electrónicos

Processamento de Cabos Eléctricos

Processamento de outros materiais

Serviço de destruição

Serviço de Abate Fiscal

Centro de Armazenamento temporário de CFC’s, Hallons, lâmpadas usadas, pilhas e acumuladores

Centro de recepção de REEE’s

Serviço de recolha de REEE’s

Ponto de recolha de pneus