Pioneers in WEEE recycling since 1999.


Founded in 1999, Interecycling was the first company to Recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE’s) in the Iberian Peninsula. Interecycling is prepared to recycle 5 of the 6 categories of WEEE, according to Decree-Law no. 152-D / 2017.

Interecycling operates with high standards of quality, service and innovation, contributing to a better environment and a sustained development, through the correct recycling of WEEE’s and resulting fractions. We have only one commitment: to guarantee to the Environment and to consumers that the best is truly being done, by the best practices available with total protection of the environment and generating resources and national wealth.

A more sustainable future, begins every day, at every moment, in every gesture, thus materializing for us and for future generations. Collaborate with us, deliver your old appliance to authorized operators.

Interecycling Empresa de Reciclagem

Integral Solutions


We present ourselves as an integrated solution of services, logistics, products and consultancy, to achieve our mission. We are a Reception Center, Dismantling Center and WEEE Recycling Center. In the various divisions of the company and with the recycling lines we have. Using the best technology and in line with the best global practices, we are prepared to treat this type of waste in strict respect for the environment. Neutralizing its hazardous components and returning the various materials that compose them to the environment.


Ponto de Recolha de Pneus

A Interecycling é centro de recepção de pneus usados. Os detentores poderão realizar a entrega dos pneus usados na Interecycling, sem custos.

O transporte dos pneus usados até à Interecycling é da responsabilidade do detentor. 

A descarga dos pneus usados tem de respeitar as seguintes condições:

  1. Os pneus usados não podem apresentar quaisquer contaminações.
  2. Deve ser entregue toda a documentação necessária:
  3. Os meios de descarga são da responsabilidade do detentor.
  4. A entrega dos pneus deve ser realizada por tipologia (ligeiros. pesados, industriais, danificados e maciços).


Logística e Centro de Receção de REEE’s

A Interecycling está autorizada a receber as 6 categorias  de Resíduos de Equipamentos Elétricos e Eletrónicos, com destino a reciclagem. O detentor poderá entregar os equipamentos directamente nas instalações da Interecycling, ou solicitar recolha.


Reciclagem de Resíduos de Equipamentos Elétricos e Eletrónicos

Usando a melhor tecnologia e em linha com as melhores práticas mundiais, a Interecycling está preparada para Reciclar 5 das 6 categorias de REEE’s de acordo com a normativa CENELEC e em rigoroso respeito pelo Ambiente. São removidos e neutralizados todos os seus componentes perigosos e recuperados os diversos materiais que os compõem.


Processamento especializado de componentes retirados de Equipamentos Elétricos e Eletrónicos

Através dos processos mecânicos e químicos implementados, é realizada a descontaminação e processamento de componentes retirados de equipamentos elétricos e eletrónicos, permitindo a recuperação dos materiais que os compõem.

São processados:

  • Plásticos
  • Metais
  • Compressores de refrigeração
  • Motores elétricos
  • Cablagens
  • Outros.


Serviço de destruição/ Abate fiscal

Através do serviço de destruição/ abate de equipamentos, a Interecycling dá total garantia que os equipamentos rececionados são destruídos para efeitos de abate de imobilizado, abate fiscal, ou eliminação de dados confidenciais (discos rígidos, unidades de memória).

O abate dos equipamentos é documentado com fotografias ou vídeos do processo e através da emissão do Certificado de Destruição.


Gestão de resíduos: CFC´s, halons

Os gases fluorados recuperados que não podem ser reutilizados, têm de ser encaminhados para valorização ou destruição. A Interecycling é o operador de gestão de resíduos autorizado para receber este tipo de resíduos.


Gestão de resíduos: lâmpadas

As lâmpadas são constituídas por elementos químicos tóxicos para os seres vivos e prejudiciais ao ambiente. Ao entregar as lâmpadas na Interecycling está a garantir que terão o encaminhamento correto e que a sua reciclagem será assegurada.


Gestão de resíduos: pilhas e acumuladores

As pilhas e acumuladores têm na sua constituição metais pesados e ácidos que se não encaminhados corretamente, terão efeitos altamente prejudiciais para o ambiente e para os seres vivos. Ao entregar estes resíduos na Interecycling, assegura o seu correto tratamento, em cumprimento com a legislação em vigor.


Tire Collection Point

Interecycling is a used tire reception center. Holders will be able to deliver used tires to Interecycling, free of charge.

The transport of used tires to Interecycling is the responsibility of the owner.

Unloading used tires must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Used tires must not show any contamination.
  2. All necessary documentation must be provided:
    • e-GAR Waste Monitoring Guide;
    • Photocopy of the company identification document;
    • Origin Characterization Form duly filled in.
  3. The means of unloading are the responsibility of the holder.
  4. The delivery of tires must be carried out by type (light, heavy, industrial, damaged and massive).


Logistics and WEEE Reception Center

Interecycling is authorized to receive the 6 categories of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, destined for recycling. The holder may deliver the equipment directly to Interecycling’s facilities, or request collection.


Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Using the best technology and in line with the best world practices, Interecycling is prepared to Recycle 5 of the 6 categories of WEEE in accordance with CENELEC regulations and in strict respect for the Environment. All its hazardous components are removed and neutralized and the various materials that compose them are recovered.


Specialized processing of components taken from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Through the implemented mechanical and chemical processes, the decontamination and processing of components removed from electrical and electronic equipment is carried out, allowing the recovery of the materials that compose them.

Are processed:

  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Refrigeration compressors
  • Electric motors
  • Wiring harness
  • Others.


Destruction service / Tax abatement

Through the equipment destruction/scrap service, Interecycling fully guarantees that the equipment received is destroyed for the purpose of scrapping off fixed assets, tax scrapping, or deleting confidential data (hard drives, memory units).

Equipment slaughter is documented with photographs or videos of the process and issuance of the Destruction Certificate.


Waste management: CFC's, halons

Recovered fluorinated gases that cannot be reused must be sent for recovery or destruction. Interecycling is the waste management operator authorized to receive this type of waste.


Waste management: light bulbs

The lamps are made up of chemical elements that are toxic to living beings and harmful to the environment. By delivering the lamps to Interecycling, you are guaranteeing that they will be routed correctly and that their recycling will be ensured.


Waste management: batteries and accumulators

Batteries and accumulators contain heavy metals and acids that, if not properly routed, will have highly harmful effects on the environment and on living beings. By delivering this waste to Interecycling, you ensure its correct treatment, in compliance with the legislation in force.

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